Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So the plan is, if I make it...that she will be..

...born in July! When I am 32 weeks. 3 and 1/2 weeks at most until I am a momma with baby number 2. I am assuming it will be July 20th as thats monday and not the day I turn 32 which is a saturday..but I`m excited to have a plan.

If I stop bleeding and my body stops acting up though, then we will try longer. He said though that there are a million other factors that will make him deliver earlier than that, but 32 weeks is the latest he is going to let this go on.

I`m so excited! Can you believe that almost 10 weeks ago my water broke and I was admitted to the hospital to stay? That I went into shock and was told the baby was dead? That I was told for the first time that there was no chance my baby would make it? Then at 22 told I wouldn`t make 24 and should terminate. Wow...And you know what? I never thought of it as in I had any other choice, or that I was strong for doing this by myself, but screw it! I AM strong! I`m going to have a me day and do my nails, straighten my hair, put on makeup and see if I can get so maternity pics done here! I think I`ll plan it for my 30 week milestone party!

But I really just hope I make it that far now! 3 1/2 weeks ladies. Do you think I can do it? Just knowing a specific end to this nightmare makes me so happy I could cry.

Let my countdown begin ....25 more days! Maybe more..I don`t have a specific date....But he said at 32 weeks, if I`m still the same as I am now, then we are bailing on this pregnancy and she comes out.

I`m really excited, and nervous. Things can still go wrong at 32 weeks. I just have to do my best to fatten up this lil bugger and stay pregnant until then!