Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can`t believe the deaths today!

Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcet! Wowsa! What a shocker MJ was though. Not that I overly care, but his music changed the world time and time again, influenced the music industry for decades and I personally have shaken my butt to his songs on the dance floor more than I care to admit to.

Friends that read blogs together, puke together. Don`t read this.

this morning, I was doing my business, (peeing Embarassed ) and I passed a bunch of big clots. Now because the nurses here tend not to look at them ever because it would involve putting on a pair of gloves, and taking them out of the toilet, I decided I wanted to see them. Sorry , I`m disgusting...and was curious and I figure if I have to literally push something out through my cervix, I have a right to want to see what the hell it is.

Soooooo, now that you know how effin gross I am, I put on the gloves, and pull these like mouse size clots out of the toilet since I can`t see them through all the blood I lost too. 4 of them actually since the number isn`t the gross or shocking part. So the first 3 just are the regular nasty...nothing different..and then the fourth one is this NASTY, made me almost want to vomit, light, grayish blue, and purple looking grossness with like blood clots coming off of it all string like...Seriously, looked like I passed a dead jelly fish. Big jelly and ....anyways sorry if you lost your breakfast.

So I called my nurse to look obv...told her I passed some clots that they were in the toilet. she walked in and flushed the toilet right away. She then said, yah I couldn`t see any clots, they must have went to the bottom, but yes I couldn`t see.

Now, while I explained to her after that I saw a greyish looking clot come out of me while it came out I said...should I just admit to this grossness that I am and find out? I have been in so much pain since that I took two t3s and its not helping.

I`m so embarrassed to admit I pulled those clots out to see.

They did a non stress test after this, and the baby is fine...but I I want an ultrasound to check on my placenta.

OMG could this be part of like..dead placenta? Okay, now even I am disgusted.

I`m waiting on the doctor now. I just made my nurse go explain to a doctor that I told her there was a grey clot, and she flushed it without seeing it and now I`m concerned and in pain. She said they didn`t seem concerned

Now I mean this is a nice way...but who the fuck is not concerned about a pregnant woman passing any sort of clots...never mind huge greyish/purpleish/blueish clots with regular clots hanging off.... Like I know I am...and mom...I`ll call you later....don`t freak out...I`m just more pissed this wasn`t dealt with better...and that the docs still aren`t here

So the resident doctor came in...she said it was likely part of placenta. They put me back on the monitors and the baby is still thats good. Checked my blood pressure and everything...still good...well for me anyways. 90/50. Still contracting, less bleeding and still passing tiny pinky finger sized clots. normal ones...not this psycho zombie flesh looking thing.
I don`t know why no one has suggested, or did an ultrasound by now though. Like WTF? prego passing massive grey clots...of likely placenta...

Which reminds me. I had an ultrasound yesterday. You can click on the word there and watch the video. My dopplers were low...Pi was .51 and the Ri was .4. My doctor said the lower the better? Google says no...but I`m going to have to go with ....bah on this one. I should know better than to take single readings as a result to anything anyways.

The reason I didn`t post yesterday was because it was a great day. barely any bleeding, contracting pain or anything else that sucks. Best day since I had been in for that stuff anyways.
Well my daughter is coming this I`ll have to post on monday the updates after tomorrow. I`ll update on the rest of my day...tonight. I also have to do that gestational diabetes test today...which i had to ask my doctor about doing. boo to him for me having to to him.